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San Miguel – The Forgotten Town In SLO

Without a doubt that central coast is one of the most beautiful places to live in this country. So, as I write this next post we’re going to focus on one of the parts of the central coast here in San Luis Obispo that very often gets neglected.

And that part that gets neglected is the northern part of San Luis Obispo County. The part that always gets overlooked is the small and pleasant town of San Miguel California. San Miguel is one of the smaller cities in this county. With a smaller population of about 10,000 people, it’s a very rural town and it’s built on a small community.

It’s a very pretty place to live if you enjoy a more rural feel and fewer crowds and traffic. Being that it’s in the northern part of the county, it is one of the most affordable places to live here in San Luis Obispo. It’s a strange thing to see, almost every town in all of California that has a mission built on it tends to be a very popular and populated town. For San Miguel, that never took place. It is home to San Miguel’s mission a historical landmark in a tourist attraction for a lot of people driving by the 101. That mission has been standing for well over 200 years and has in doored the elements of earthquakes and years of decay. Yet, it still stands there as a symbol of this town. The town has a very small feel to it and is home to a few local businesses.


Home To Some Classic Shops & Businesses

If you take a trip downtown San Miguel you will see that there are a lot of old shops and businesses still around. It reminds me of an old school feel and almost feels like I’m taking a trip in a time machine to a much simpler time. There is a quaint feel to it and almost doesn’t seem that you really want it to change. It feels nice and the people that live there really enjoy it. They also have their fair share of events like small car shows and Christmas parades that I’m sure everyone knows each other.  

The population is small but it is also growing as new housing tracts have popped up as the years have gone by. There are growing neighborhoods that have been built with the self-house programs that allow owners to work on their new home as part of their initial down payment and helps many to become homeowners.  It’s a great thing in my opinion. It’s so expensive to live here that it’s great that so many can get into a home and still be part of this great county.

There are a tremendous amount of secrets hidden out in this great town. Out around the parameters and outskirts of town. Out there are a huge amount of wineries that surround the town and give a tourist a place to go wine tasting. Paso Robles, that is only 7 miles away, is home to one of the biggest winery tours in the state.  Some of those many wineries are actually out in San Miguel. They are popular and are elegant. Many offer wedding venues and during the late summer months and early Fall, make for some great looking venues.

They freeway near the town has recently undergone some major changes too. All new paving has been redone. It got bids from various different companies. Some from all over the state and even a company out in Nevada called great west that does asphalt paving in Reno NV.

So, as you pass by the Central Coast and visit beautiful San Luis Obispo and some of the coastal towns, don’t forget about our little gem of a town up north. 

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