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    The Madonna Inn In San Luis Obispo

    If there is one thing that puts San Luis Obispo on the map here in California is that world-famous Madonna Inn.

    It is a hotel that is one of a kind.

    I worked in the linen and laundry industry for many years and have an inside perspective of the hotel and restaurant. As a delivery driver that delivered all of the sheets for the beds, all of the cook coats and uniforms for the employees, and all of the pink tablecloths and napkins for the restaurant, I got an inside peek on this hotel. I got to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff and see why this place is so popular and such a huge tourist attraction.

    I got to know a lot of people that worked at the hotel including the cooks, the housekeepers, the management, the owners, and hell, I even became friends with the guy that provides carpet cleaning in San Luis Obispo and cleaned the floors there. This gave me a cool perspective to this place.

    One of the weirdest but the central themes of this unique hotel and restaurant combination is the uniqueness of every single room a guest can stay in. Every room is themed to something as cooky as a caveman room, complete with rock walls and leopard patterns on the blankets to remind you of the caveman clothes to western looking themes with bed frames that look like old western wagons.

    It’s pretty crazy when you think of it, and that fact that it’s been pulled off and become successful is really quite impressive!

    The rooms can get pricey and the rooms like the caveman room are often booked a year or more in advance. From talking to the staff and guest that would stay there, it is well worth the experience. All of their services are top-notch and first-class. Delivering the sheets, I can tell you first hand, that they use some great 500 thread count sheets that are incredibly soft.

    Their restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the town. They offer gourmet meals and their steaks are just incredible! Take it from me! I’ve been inside their kitchen and seen first hand how everything is made.

    They also have an incredible bakery where they offer some of the best cakes around. How they make and structure their toppings have people from the entire Central Coast call them up and special order cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and everything else. My personal favorite? Chocolate!

    Over the years, the family that still owns and operates the business has slowly added more features to the hotel and restaurant combination.

    About 7 years ago, they added a pool and spa section to the hotel. It was a slow process to get it constructed, especially to get it to blend in with the rest of the properties’ look and feel. Once the project was completed it became an instant hit. They designed it beautifully where the water is completely level to the ground giving it an awesome look. People use it and love it and it just adds to the experience guests can take in while staying at the hotel. The spa section is classy and relaxing. It’s quiet and tranquil and guest can schedule a spa treatment while they stay.

    The Madonna Inn is really original and was first set up as a truck stop for truckers by Alex Madonna in the ’60s. Who knew that once trucker stop would become such a massively popular destination for so many people from all over the world.